Emporium Exchange

At Emporium, we don’t like to think of clothing as seasonal, disposable, or temporary. We want you to buy pieces that you love, wear them on the daily, and take care of them accordingly. Of course, nothing lasts forever, and whether your style moves on, or your pieces become too worn, sometimes it’s time to move on from one of your old favorites.

When that time comes, we want to offer you an alternative to throwing out old items, return them to us for credit towards a new Emporium purchase. Depending on the condition of your items, past season items can be returned to use via:

Where possible, items will be washed, repaired and resold by us (including use as blanks for vintage pop-ups).

Following a trial period, some items will be donated to Dublin based charities, to be sold in charity shops, or distributed to those in need.

Anything we decide isn’t wearable (or able to be repaired) will go to recycling markets to be converted into wiping rags, or shredded for low-grade fiber products.

Items can be returned to us via pop-up shops, drop off at our Dublin 8 office, or postal return.

Credit for repurposed items, which can be used on our web-store (not with our stockists) is based on the below scale:

T-Shirts - €7
Hoodies - €15
Sweatshirts - €11
Sweatpants - € 14

Emporium will not be accepting returns of accessories such as socks and headwear.